An Intuitive Session with Charlotte


The Sacred Sojourner Space Free Community


A Sacred Intention through Intuitive Discovery

Hi, I’m Charlotte Eléa, and I’m an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach


What does this mean for you?


You hold within you all the love and wisdom you need to carry you towards manifesting your soul’s desires. You just need to learn how to dig down deep to access it. By working with intuitive methods you’ll nurture your connection to your soul’s wisdom and learn to trust and integrate the messages that are coming through:


Tarot, Dreamwork, Guided Meditation, and More.


Through intuitive counseling, coaching or group work, I meet you in your soul activation and transformation process. You are exactly where you need to be, and there are so many ways for you to grow, and so much for you to discover.

Dream Interpretation Tarot Reading
1-on-1 Intuitive Counseling Sessions
Tarot Reading Spread - Prisma Visions Tarot
In-Depth Tarot Readings
Work with Me
High Priestess with candles, haindl tarot
Intuitive Workshops & Groupwork

The Intuitive Sojourner Experience

Nine Months of Intimate Guidance and Group Support

in the Intuitive Process of Self-Discovery.


Dive Deep with Tarot, Dreamwork, Sacred Symbols, Guided Meditation, Ritual, Intuitive Writing, and Creative Expression.


Dream Intuition (drim ˌɪntuˈɪʃən) n. 1. The true process of becoming. 2. A state of intuitive inquiry where questions open doorways, and the imagination takes the reigns and guides us in dreams, fantasies and creations through wondrous acts of exploration and discovery. 3. A process where we learn that to trust our intuition, we must also trust our own powers of creation, love and transformation. 4. A liminal position at the crossroads of desire and surrender, where we listen and receive.

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