Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I am an Intuitive Guide

and Personal Transformation Coach.


I help compassionate, smart people going through change learn to trust themselves and heed the wake up call they’re facing so that they can embrace it, take courageous action, and be empowered to live a full life with purpose and passion!


I do this by showing you how to listen to you intuition, receive guidance from within, transform grief and pain into love, and surrender to the wild, wonderful unknown.

Are you ready to embrace change?


Dream Intuition (drim ˌɪntuˈɪʃən) n. 1. The true process of becoming. 2. A state of intuitive inquiry where questions open doorways, and the imagination takes the reigns and guides us in dreams, fantasies and creations through wondrous acts of exploration and discovery. 3. A process where we learn that to trust our intuition, we must also trust our own powers of creation, love and transformation. 4. A liminal position at the crossroads of desire and surrender, where we listen and receive.

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