Hi, I’m Charlotte Eléa, and I am an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach.

I guide my clients toward developing their intuitive strengths and listening to their inner wisdom, through tools of intuitive discovery like Tarot, dreams, writing, guided meditation, symbols, archetypes and totems. I am most passionate about facilitating inquiries, connections and discoveries that alchemize growth, healing and transformation, and I am a skilled catalyst for creating breakthroughs of the highest self.

I offer sacred group circles and individual intuitive sessions, working from a foundation in psychology, alchemy, counseling principles, symbolism, Jungian archetypes and earth-based spirituality. I have been reading Tarot and analyzing dreams for myself and others for over sixteen years.

That’s me in a nutshell. But here’s my whole story:


When I was a child, I felt what everyone in the room felt, and experienced the inherent connections of all things through wild, out of body experiences. I knew these intuitive channels were connecting me to a universal source of wisdom, love and compassion. However, for many years I felt out of place, lost in how to activate these gifts. I soaked up emotions and brought them to the surface, and because I didn’t understand what was happening to me, I became easily confused.

I trained as a psychotherapist, believing this was my path, and immensely enjoyed my studies. Here I learned about the wisdom of the unconscious, and the power of dreams to be the messenger of our deepest desires, fears and wisdom. But I ended up overwhelmed by my capabilities to take on my mentally ill client’s symptoms, and didn’t know of another way.


I then wandered down many other paths that were not my own, searching for someone else who would guide me and show me the way. I ended up in a career in marketing, which left me feeling cold, detached from myself and spiritually depleted.

What I finally discovered was that I had to learn to listen—really listen—to myself. I had to trust my own inner guidance. I knew then that I was being called to create my own path, and deepen into my purpose through opening channels for intuitive self-discovery. Along the way I also learned that to transform my life, I needed to create intentions that stuck and manifested change, love and embrace myself fully, even the shadows, listen to my inner child, learn how to ask the right questions, and be open to any answer, any possibility.

As soon as I embraced this new path, I began connecting with people all over the world who were searching for a similar revelation: they wanted to grow, embrace change and transform themselves, but they didn’t know how. They were searching for the answers outside of themselves. I began offering guidance to them through my own methods of intuitive discovery, and as I did, I realized that the best ways for me to empower my clients to discover their inner wisdom, was to provide them with the tools and create safe, sacred containers where the truth was free to break through.

I help my clients discover their own hidden wisdom and intuitive abilities through private counseling and coaching sessions, and by facilitating circles and workshops on self-discovery. I work the Tarot, oracle, dreams, guided meditation and other methods that tap into universal symbols and archetypes and create direct connections with the highest self.

Together, my clients and I embrace the unknown, dive into the discovery process, listen deeply, and activate the divine soul’s calling.

What is your story? And what is it that you have yet to discover? Come find out by booking a session with me, and we can begin the journey together.

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