Charlotte Eléa

Owning our Spiritual Gifts

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All of us have spiritual gifts we may either take for granted, not realizing they are a gift, or may have kept hidden for much of our lives, believing they were wrong or burdensome.   It took me many years to see that many of my challenging childhood moments actually revolved around the awakening of my spiritual gifts. At the time, these...

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Truth Transmission Aug 7 2017

Weekly Transmission: We Are in This Together

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This week, Aug 7-13, 2017, Two of Cups, Six of Wands and Unicorn tell us that when we recognize the support around us, it will be that much easier to shine and put our true self forward.   These last several days, it feels like everywhere I turn, I am witnessing systems that were unsteady and corrupt are collapsing, imploding from the...

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Truth Transmission Motherpeace Tarot

Truth Transmission: Attending to Inner Reality

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This week, July 31-Aug 6, Eight of Cups, Five of Wands Reversed, and Son of Cups urge us to focus our attention inward, and away from external distraction.   Many of us may begin this week feeling rather sensitive and moody. Perhaps you're just "not in the mood" when it comes to the social activities you had planned. Reluctance mixed with tinges...

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Mary El Tarot Cards

July 10-17, 2017: Separating Thought from Emotion

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The Tower, 2 of Swords Rx and the Chariot. We are approaching ourselves slowly and softly this week as we gracefully put an end to some deep internal beliefs, and keep our mind and emotions separate in order to continue our course.   This weekend was intense: Many of us were flooded with painful childhood memories, others activating old wounds. We were...

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Nine of Pentacles

International Tarot Day Blog Hop: Nine of Pentacles

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When I was assigned this card for the blog hop, I actually laughed aloud. Because the universe was most definitely sending me a message: “Stop avoiding this!”   The Nine of Pentacles is one of those cards that evokes absolute bliss from the person for whomever the card was drawn, because it connotes material success, abundance and financial independence.   “This is what you...

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July 2017 Tarot Reading

July 2017 Tarot Forecast

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This month we dive deep deep deep into looove. We are being asked to reclaim those aspects we desire in others, and challenge ourselves to utilize hidden strengths and resources. All of this is leading us to define our own meaning of love, knowing that to receive this love we must first learn to give it to ourselves. With Tarot...

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