Here are a few of my most frequently asked questions about tarot, tarot readings, and tarot cards.

How does tarot work?

No one knows exactly how or why tarot works, only that it does! As a follower of the great psychologist Carl Jung, I believe that consciousness—what we knowingly think, feel, judge and sense with our mind and body—only provides a fraction of the knowledge, insights, and feelings inside of us. Tarot, along with meditation, dreams and other divination tools, creates an intuitive link to our unconscious—that which exists beyond our conscious concepts of language, space and time. The unconscious holds a great store of knowledge and predictions as it is where we will connect to our higher self and spiritual guides. Also, every person is connected to every other person through the Collective Unconscious: pre-language symbols and archetypes passed down through generations that hold the keys to human potential. Tarot taps into not only our own unconscious knowledge–including memories and feelings we have repressed, and patterns we have repeated–but that of the collective unconscious. Tarot cards provide insight for personal growth, aid in meditation practices, explore options and answers to questions, and enhance creativity through brainstorming. The cards empower readers, like me, to help my clients know their options, empower them to make decisions, and help them to heal and grow. Whichever direction the cards may point, the future really lays in the hands of each individual.

What service is right for me?

Tarot readings and dream interpretations help a wide range of people who are seeking opportunities for personal growth. Tarot is especially useful in helping people come to decisions, examine their choices, assess their current situations, work through conflicts, challenges and roadblocks, discover what’s hidden, and discover new possibilities.Tarot readings focus on any area of your life that you would like, be it work, love, relationships, family, or artistic and personal pursuits.

Not everyone remembers their dreams. And even if you do remember them, you may not ascribe them any importance. But, if you experience a particularly vivid dream that leaves you feeling scared, perplexed or full of wonder, or if you are experiencing repetitive dreams, chances are the dream is trying to tell you something important. My method of dream interpretation dives into personal as well as collective meanings of dream symbols and utilizes tarot to get a full picture of its message to you.

Life Stage and Soul Archetype Assessment will not only deepen the meaning of a tarot reading, but provides guidance when you are either feeling stuck, or going through a difficult transition. If you are considering a career change but are unsure about which direction to take, if you are frustrated with past or current partner choices, if you feel like you are not in control of your life, or if you are feeling generally discontent about the direction your life is taking you, an assessment will be highly beneficial.

Can you predict the future?

Tarot and dream work can predict what the near future will likely be if you stay on the current path you are on, or if you change to a new path that has been defined. The important thing to remember when seeking future predictions is that the future is never prescriptive. You have 100% free will to change your course, and fate is never predetermined! In this way, tarot is an excellent way to unearth obstacles before they become insurmountable, and to examine, as long as you are open to it, behaviors that might be self-defeating as well as those that are empowering.

Tarot and dreams can only look so far into the future. Because you are the creator of your destiny, if your path becomes ill-defined six months from now, the tarot cards will only be able to show you that far. For that reason, the near future is much easier to predict than the far future. In most cases, the cards will let you know when you have looked too far ahead for a prediction.

Finally, my predictions about the future are YOU centered. Instead of revealing dates or times (though dreams and tarot may provide hints), my intuitive counseling method shows you what steps, stages, accomplishments, and challenges you will need to meet before reaching your destination.

Can I ask a question about someone else?

In my work with you, YOU are at the center. Although, other people may play roles in your life, influence your actions and behaviors, and help and hurt your chances, you are always at the wheel. For this reason, and in respect of other people’s privacy, I cannot do readings that ONLY focus on a third party. You will always be part of the equation.

When other people come up in a reading, the cards reveal those people to me through their personality traits. I cannot see names or physical attributes. However, identifying people through their personality is to me a far more effective system, since it not only reveals who that person is, but also how they are influencing you.

If you would like a full reading on a relationship and a significant person in your life, I welcome couple sessions. These often include a spouse or romantic partner, but can also include a family member or close friend. If you are trying to work out a conflict or are curious as to where your relationship is going, tarot and soul archetype assessment are excellent tools.

Do you offer astrological services?

No. I am not an astrologer and do not offer astrological connections, predictions or interpretations in my sessions. Many tarot readers connect tarot with astrology and find the two systems to be complimentary. I found that Jungian archetypes, symbolism and personality assessment to be more relevant and complimentary, and so use that system instead.

What about physical, mental health and legal issues?

Although I have a firm grasp on many psychological concepts and functions, as an intuitive counselor I am not licensed nor trained to provide diagnoses or treatment for physical and mental health issues. Also, I am not qualified to provide legal advice. For this reason, in most instances, I do not comment on physical health and legal issues.

In terms of mental health, I will only go so far as to recommend you seek the help of a licensed mental health professional if I conclude that your current emotional state or circumstances may be helped by it. I will provide referrals upon request. In case of emergency, it is my ethical obligation to alert a medical authority on your behalf. But this is an extreme and rare circumstance.

Does tarot have demonic origins or capabilities?

No. Tarot cards have a rich history that goes back to the fifteenth century in northern Italy, and that spans many countries and cultures. Most scholars agree the earliest known decks reflect a Medieval Christian mindset and depict an allegory of the triumph of God’s will, although the illustrations also draw upon ancient mythology. While cards like Death and the Devil do appear in the deck, these concepts also appeared in the Bible, and modern tarot readers utilize a metaphorical reading of these cards. Modern decks now associate the cards with all kinds of philosophies, cultures and religions.

Ethical tarot readers, myself included, do not use tarot cards to identify “curses” or “bad energy” and then charge a fee to remove these “curses” or “bad energy.” These types of tarot readers are exploitative and unethical and should be avoided.

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