A 6-Week Healing Journey of Release,

Expansion and Transformation


Come, beautiful one, into the sacred womb of love, compassion and play. A healing space where all of you is embraced, all of you may expand,

and all of you will be expressed.


This is the alchemical container of transformation, and the doors are now open for a few ready souls to step through and co-create together.

But first (in case you are wondering)…


What is Alchemy? And what healing potential does this process serve? Watch the video below to find out:

Intuitive Alchemy Course

Intuitive Alchemy is an intimate 6-week circle in which all the different aspects of yourself may be expressed and integrated. As we welcome forth the Highest Self to guide us, we also speak to the Ego, journey with the Shadow, and connect to the Inner Child.


In this healing space of unconditional acceptance, we find peace and harmony in paradox, and the natural process of alchemy begins: We release, we create, we transform, we break free.


  • Release disabling shame, doubt and fear that has kept you from embracing your true essence.
  • Resolve internal conflicts by bringing all aspects of the self together in harmony.
  • Heal the factions within yourself that cause depression, guilt and polarizing fear.
  • Create a sacred, loving relationship with yourself.
  • Gain tools to work through internal differences and paradoxes
  • (Re)discover your fun and wonder-filled ability to play.
  • Expand beyond your current self-image and break free from limitations.
  • Learn to practice the art of alchemy on yourself—a gift that will last you a lifetime.

We’ll use a variety of intuitive exercises and group processes

to reach into the depths of our psyches:


  • Tarot and oracle deck prompts to discover healing archetypes, guides, and messages.
  • Guided meditations to journey through hidden territory and discover cut off aspects and unconscious wisdom.
  • Intuitive writing exercises to create transformative dialogues, conversations and intentions.
  • Group discussions to co-create shared medicine and healing relationships.
  • Circle sharing and witnessing to integrate insights, release blocks and transmute emotions.

Six Live Transformative Group Experiences,

Six Soul Activating Sessions.


Your Heartfelt Enrollment for this Experience: $444

Los Angeles 6-Week Circle Begins Thursday, April 13, 2017


Thursday Evenings from 7-9pm in Atwater Village.


April 13: Calling Forth the Highest Self
April 20: Conversations with the Ego
April 27: Revelations of the Shadow
May 4: Connecting with the Inner Child
May 11: The Alchemical Process of Release
May 18: The Alchemical Experience of Creation


(If you cannot make any of these live circles, all materials will be sent to you.)

Virtual 6-Week Circle Begins Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Tuesday Evenings at 5:30 PST via Zoom Webinar.


April 18: Calling Forth the Highest Self
April 25: Conversations with the Ego
May 2: Revelations of the Shadow
May 9: Connecting with the Inner Child
May 16: The Alchemical Process of Release
May 23: The Alchemical Experience of Creation


(If you cannot make any of these live circles, a recording will be sent to you.)

Intuitive Alchemy is for you if:


  • You are committed to a lifelong journey of growth and healing.
  • You connect with your intuition on a regular basis but you wish to go deeper.
  • You are comfortable in your spiritual practice but you desire a more personal connection.
  • You have a high level of self-awareness gained from previous healing and therapeutic work,
    and you are ready to take this awareness to the next level.
  • You know the wisdom and resources you seek are within you,
    and you desire guidance and support to access it.


My Gift to Your When You Sign Up


  • A personalized ritual candle with an image chosen just for you.
  • Anointing oil to prepare your deck and body.
  • A palo santo stick to purify your sacred space (virtual circle only).


What You’ll Need


  • A Tarot or oracle deck of your choosing. (I won’t be teaching you card meanings
    so use a deck that is already familiar to you.)
  • A dedicated journal. Buy a new journal for your journey, and make it special.
  • Your heartfelt commitment to a deep, intense, and awe-inspiring journey and group experience.

Special Pre-Enrollment Offer


Sign-up for a free 30-minute Soul to Soul with Charlotte Eléa to see if this experience is right for you. No pressure to commit, no sales tactics. Just a time for us to connect, get to know each other, and for you to ask questions.

Tell me a bit about yourself and your journey:*
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Guarantee (Refund Policy)


I request your heartfelt commitment to this 6-week journey upon enrollment. However, if after the first live session, you conclude that this experience is not right for you, I will refund you 75% of your enrollment price.


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