An intuitive Tarot reading provides insight, reflection and opportunities for growth, healing and manifestation. When you are looking for some soul guidance, know there is wisdom lurking beneath the surface ready to come through that will immediately help you shift your energy. Each month I offer a seasonal special reading, which is listed first, as well as my trademark Soul Speak Reading and custom readings based on your inquiry.


For all readings, you’ll receive a set of questions to answer from me before I complete your reading. Once I receive both order confirmation and your answers, I will send you your reading as either a PDF document or a video (you choose) within 7 days.

What Clients Have Said About My Readings

"Thank you so much, Charlotte, for sharing your beautiful self and extraordinary ability to so clearly channel wisdom! I am so grateful to learn from you. You're such an inspiration to me. I needed to hear your message so much. I watched it many times and took notes! It was so accurate and helpful for what I've been and am going through, and somehow I now instantly feel more connected to everything... not alone, or just causing my own suffering. I can breathe now, with a knowing of how to move towards helping myself, realign, begin to push through my difficult emotions, and focus on what I'm really wanting to move towards."

Sasha Koziak

"I am so very grateful for Charlotte and her gift. Her powerful intuition shines through in each accurate and clearly explained reading. She is thoughtful and kind I am honored to have worked with her and will continue to do so, as she is always able to shine a little light on the murky waters I wade through from time to time!! Thank you!!"

Ndidi O.

"I received my reading this morning and was AMAZED how accurate Charlotte was, it was like she stepped into my life for a brief moment... The reading has certainly brought light to a shadow that has been hanging over me for sometime. Without a doubt I would recommend a reading from her. Thank you Charlotte for your guidance and kindness."

Amanda A.

"Charlotte really has a calming, reassuring and gentle way in her readings. She truly has a gift. I really needed a fresh perspective on my dating/love life as a whole and wanted to dig deeper to see what was under the surface that I maybe didn't realize. She completely nailed it, giving me so much good stuff to work with. I look forward to diving deeper into her reading as it is full of so much good advice, and I will work to honor and embrace my "mature, badass witchy self," as she said. I can't wait to work with her again!"

Jessica M.

"I've had two readings with Charlotte in the past few months, one for love and one for career. Spot the girl going through major life transitions. Although different in context and scope, the similarities for both were that they confirmed what I felt to be true; interestingly, for the love reading in particular, they weren't necessarily the answers I wanted to hear, but rather needed to hear, and had been ignoring. The career reading helped me push through my recurring nemesis of self doubt, and really just open me up to knowing it's time to get down with my bad self and just kick ass unabashedly. This is an awesome exercise in introspection and action-taking that I've already recommended to several friends. Plus...Charlotte is an absolutely delight."

Leisse W.

"I love that Charlotte got a feel for who I am before she chose which deck to draw from. Since my reading with Charlotte, I've gained more clarity and understanding of myself on a deep level. Working with the keys she gave me in my love reading have given me specific issues to work with. Healing is important to me, so I've taken the insights I gleaned and ran with them. As a result, in the 3 weeks since my reading, I can feel myself beginning to change in subtle ways that I believe are opening me to much more joy and fulfillment in my life! I also love that she included a picture of the spread, giving me another way to access the information. All around, lovely, clear, and resonant experience."

Jackie D.

"Charlotte's tarot reading for me was startlingly insightful. She understands both the complexity of the tarot cards and how they interconnect with the complexity of our lives. I was most struck by her ability to articulate challenges that I wrestle with below the surface--things I didn't really realize I was wrestling with. Nothing showy--everything thoughtful and real."

Fay E.

"My tarot reading with Charlotte was very eye-opening. It provided answers that helped me respond to a difficult situation. Charlotte exudes kindness and compassion. I will be back!"

Sarah B.

"My reading with Charlotte was extremely helpful and validating. Her intuition is spot on! She discussed a number of major life decisions and her insight and guidance was invaluable."

Danielle M.