Daily Tarot for the Creative Impostor
Universal Waite Tarot deckCharlotte Elea Intuitive Session

Daily Tarot for the Creative Impostor


Exclusive Package worth $140 for a limited time.


Discover the power of your intuition–it is already speaking to you, and has so much to offer! Learn to hear its voice with this exclusive package for the Creative Impostor.


The Tarot tells a universal story of humanity throughout time and space. The lessons of the cards tap into the deep emotional, creative and energetic forces within us.


But what’s most special about Tarot is what YOU bring to it. Drawing Tarot cards for yourself is a wonderful daily meditation practice. It helps you gain focus, reflection and intention over your daily life. It sparks the creative process, helps you gain clarity over creative blocks, and inspires you to keep growing, evolving and moving ahead.


In this package, you’ll receive an introductory set of tools to begin your personal journey with the Tarot:

1. Enrollment in DAILY TAROT: An Intuitive Discovery Course

2. A Tarot Deck (shipped to you at no additional charge)

3. 30-Minute Intuitive Session with Charlotte Eléa


DAILY TAROT: An Intuitive Discovery Course

In this self-study and paced course, you’ll learn how to develop the intuitive skills to reach the cards’ personal messages for you. This is not your typical Tarot course! Meaning, there will be no card meanings and keywords crammed down your throat. Instead, I’ll walk you through the steps of developing your own relationship with the Tarot that will embark you on a journey of personal growth and transformation, and the steps necessary to develop a daily Tarot practice for deep self-reflection and discovery.

(Learn more about the course here.)


The Universal Waite Deck

Whether this is your first Tarot deck or you already have one or two on the shelf, I will send you this universally loved and intuitive deck to jump start your Tarot journey. With narrative pictorial images and bright colors on all the cards, it will be easy to connect right away.


30-Minute Intuitive Session

Let’s explore the areas of your life where you seek guidance, insight and support. During an intuitive session, we dive deep to discover what needs to come to the surface to shift your energy and breakthrough confusion, blocks and patterns. Using tools like Tarot, guided meditation, animal totems and dreamwork, we seek out the openings and breakthrough moments to inspire you, empower you and move you forward.


This exclusive package is available only to Creative Impostor listeners and subscribers for a limited time until June 7, 2017.