Deepen your relationship to your intuition, take the next step forward on your true path, and discover how much energy you can shift in just 6 days.

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Welcome to the Sacred Intention Challenge


This free 6-day journey will walk you through the steps to create an intention that aligns you with your heart and spirit. A process that will immediately shift your energy and move you one step forward on your true path.


You’ll create your intention from the inside out, diving deep within to discover what changes you want to create in your life, so that you can be empowered to take inspired action towards making those changes a reality.


You will be amazed at how much you can discover by activating your intuition!

Intuitive Practice and Discovery


This challenge will give you the opportunity to play with several fun and easy to learn intuitive methods, including:


Tarot and Oracle Cards

Guided Meditation


Intuitive Writing




An Intention is NOT a resolution and it is not a plan.


The Difference:


Resolutions are guided by surface level, ego-driven desires. Intentions align your highest self with the potential of what you can create, nurture and manifest.


Plans are driven by our busy, get-it-done cognitive brains. Intentions tap into your soul’s desire to grow and evolve.


My Promise


Every one of us has the capacity to listen to our intuition. In fact, your intuition is already speaking to you—you just need to learn how to listen.


This challenge will get you started on a path of discovering much more about yourself than you currently know. (Exciting, right?!) And the intuitive methods you’ll use will guide you through the steps of creating an intention that goes deep, brings forth the contents of your true self and creates a path forward that is sacred and uniquely your own.

Let’s see where this journey takes you!


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Sacred Intention Challenge

What Others Have Said About the Sacred Intention Challenge

"At the beginning of January a friend shared a link with me about the Sacred Intention Challenge, and I was a bit cynical at the time, as I had received many many offers, free tools and "quick fixes" and so on. But I can honestly say that the depth of what Charlotte designed (and was offering for free) was profound and really landed with me in a lasting way. I still refer to what I wrote and discovered in my journeying at the time. This free offering (which I kind of expected to be superficial and inconsequential) was actually one of the most profound and useful exercises I have ever done! I learned a lot about myself and created some lasting guideposts to refer back to on my journey as the months progressed -- and, here is the miraculous thing -- they continue to be extremely relevant and current to my journey even as I evolve and change!"

Kim Christensen

"The Sacred Intention Challenge has proven to be extremely beneficial to me. As I worked my way through the six days of the Challenge, several things hit home. I knew that I was facing a couple of difficult questions in my life, and taking the Challenge helped me to discover the answers to those questions. I learned that I need to stand up and face my fears in order to really move forward. I am now, again, going in the direction of my future.

The Challenge impacted me by challenging me face things the things I was avoiding, but it is exactly those things that help me to grow. I am now successfully getting back to teaching yoga, and it has opened up a yearning to do more, to begin to teach in other ways and other forms. I have begun to move forward to fulfill these desires.

Four months later, I reviewed the Challenge and was pleased to know that my path was, indeed, the correct one. I still look to the guide I met for Her wisdom.

I have always been a believer in intuition, but have not always trusted my own as much as I would have liked. Because of the Challenge, I have been listening more to what my own wisdom has to tell me, and trusting that wisdom instead of second-guessing it. Charlotte's prompts, exercises and insights are soul searching and revealing."

Susan Morgaine

"I recommend the Sacred Intention Challenge to others as it's incredibly insightful and it encourages imagination and trusting in your intuition. I built a lot of trust in myself over this past month alone after taking the challenge.

During the challenge I learned to face my biggest fear of not being good enough. I learned that I need to love myself more and in order to do that I have started to dig deep inside to the cobwebs that had dusted over my true self, locked away deep inside my soul and discovered the good bad and ugly in me and learned to embrace all of who I am."

Christine Ribeiro

"The Sacred Intention Challenge reached into my inner soul and allowed me to create a deep bond with my spiritual guide. I now know I am not alone in life as I have a spiritual guide who understands me and will help me gain trust and security so that I can manifest my soul's desires. I learned that my journey requires acceptance, grounded with the universe, trusting my intuition, and trust in the synchronicity that is life. My life’s purpose and meaning comes from within!"