Sacred Circles for Intuitive Discovery


Discover what deep personal gifts the Tarot has to offer you. The High Priestess—number II of the Major Arcana—is the gatekeeper to your highest self, and with the help of the circle, she is ready to let you in. Tarot belongs and speaks to us all. Tarot belongs and speaks to YOU.


My Promise: No text books. All that is required is an open mind, an open heart, a desire to go deep, and trust in the intuitive process as we move into the flow that this sacred space provides.

Create a Personal Connection to the Tarot

and Develop Your Intuition

Upcoming Workshops

Hanged One: June 29th in Atwater Village, 7-9:30pm

Advanced registration is required.

Mary El Tarot cards

We Gather Together, Beautiful Ones,


To Create Sacred Connections with the Tarot,


To Develop Soulful Community,


To Learn to Trust Our Intuition,


To Journey Deep and Dare to Be Courageous,


To Discover and Embrace Our Authentic Selves,


To Nurture Deep Relationships with Our Divine Souls,


To Activate the Limitless Potential that Lies Within.

What Some Past Participants Have to Say

"My journey with the Tarot began with Charlotte. I was interested in learning how to interpret the cards and signed up for an online class, however I ended up learning much, much more. I will be forever grateful for the insight and wisdom I have gained through her program, Tarot Journeys: A Sacred Circle for Personal Discovery. Charlotte is kind person filled with a loving spirit. She is a natural teacher and guide. Her ability to lead you into this special world of Tarot is captivating. Not only do you learn to interpret the meanings of the cards, you learn what the Tarot has to teach you personally. You learn the messages that each card has to reveal to you on a deep and personal level. I know that a greater power then myself lead me to Charlotte and I am thankful."

Angela Burrage

"Before I began the 8-week Tarot Journeys workshop, my deep fear was pouring myself out only to find that there was nothing to hold me, nothing to catch my most insubstantial and ethereal self. Who would see to it that I didn't float immediately upwards and dissipate into the heavens? Who would ensure that I did not, drip by drip, absorb like rainwater into the soil of the earth? Could I go too far inward and forget that I left a body on the other side? When I returned would I be changed? Would I like the person I had been? Would I know her? Now I know I have a choice: I can be fearful and cover my mouth and lock the door and go back to my life of indulging others so that things are peaceful and neat and controlled and contained... Or I can uncover my mouth, I can unlock my imagination and I can let it pour forth a tidal of dreams and whispers and I can let it knock me down with its ferocity and its sweetness and I can cry myself into oblivion and trust that the source of all these things will place me back into my body, back into this world when the flood recedes. Whoever I find myself to be when I return, she needs me to be brave (and vulnerable) enough to meet her. I will be. Thank you for facilitating this meeting and sharing and allowing this unfolding."

Lis Lye

"Charlotte is one of the best workshop facilitators I have had - and I have had a lot! Thank you, Charlotte, for a wonderful eight week experience. I learned so much about myself that it seemed almost a "bonus" to gain more knowledge about the tarot! Please create a "Part 2"!"

Lisa N, Canada

"Since beginning Tarot Journeys, the cards I have been pulling have been taking me into another dimension. I have Charlotte's guidance to thank for that. Her kindness, insight and patience really allowed the comfort level I needed to dig deeper and get the most out of my cards. You need to take her classes!"

Jessica Senteno

"I have taken several Tarot classes throughout the years. I always left feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with all the information that was thrown at me. When I saw Charlotte’s intuitive Tarot workshop I jumped at the opportunity. Finally, someone taught me how to connect with my cards! The circle that Charlotte created was warm, lovely and peaceful. It was very easy to connect and open my intuition. I’m very happy that I attended this course. I can’t wait to attended more of her workshops."

Paulina Pena

"My first experience with Charlotte was at a local expo where she was offering tarot readings. When she read for me, I was struck by how easily the reading flowed through her (and how accurate her intuition was to events occurring in my life). When I saw she was offering a workshop teaching intuitive reading of tarot cards, I immediately signed up! From week one, the intuitive model made so much sense and within the next few weeks insane changes were triggered in my own life--and you'd best believe, with Charlotte's guidance, I was able to use tarot for insight into the changes. As a facilitator, Charlotte provides a fun, deep, communal and well-structured gathering. If you're on the fence about signing up, I say "most definitely go for it!""

Tamera Hanna