Live an Inspired Life with Purpose.


I offer Intuitive Guidance and Discovery with Tarot, Dreams, Meditation, and More

Go beyond the surface to discover your soul’s true purpose and desire.

Step into your authentic self with courage, vulnerability and confidence.

Build trust in your intuitive connection and wisdom.

Learn to hear your intuitive voice.

Read Tarot intuitively like a badass.

Release outgrown patterns, beliefs, identities and attachments.

Find the hidden gold that is ready to be activated within you.

Become your own dream interpreting expert.

Acceptance and love yourself as whole, just as you are.

Discover the value in ALL your emotions (become your own personal alchemist).

Learn how to make decisions with ease.

Journey into the shadow realm and integrate cut-off parts of yourself.

Activate infinite sources of universal love, compassion and healing within you.

Direct love and compassion towards your inner child and give her voice.

Embrace the unknown with a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Deepen your spiritual connection.

One-on-One Intuitive Guidance


I follow just one agenda: To give voice to your highest self and inner wisdom. During an intuitive session, we’ll peel back the surface layers and enter into a deeper dimension where love and soul guidance lives.


Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your life, at a decision point, start or finish, feel overwhelmed, stuck or confused, are trying to find your way among sudden, drastic or uncomfortable changes, and are looking for guidance to find your way.


I am your fellow traveler; we traverse the new terrain together. I guide you in following your true path. I meet you where ever you are at, as we explore the areas of your life where you are seeking guidance and support and discover the love and wisdom that needs to come through.


Our session together is a conversation, complimented by my intuitive insights, and intuitive tools such as Tarot, oracle cards, guided meditation, and dreamwork.


Everything you need is already within you. With my help and with our intuitions leading the way, you’ll learn to trust and hear your wise inner voice, and know the way forward.

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Intimate Gatherings, Intuitive Journeys, Sacred Connections

Gather with me as we seek out the hidden, the unknown, the wonderful, the challenging, the gifts, the lessons, and the great potential of what we may become.


The Circle is a safe, sacred space for our highest selves to come out and play, for our whole selves to witnessed, and for healing, growth and inspiration to break through.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

Gain insight, reflection and opportunities for growth, healing, inspiration and manifestation through my video Tarot readings. When you are looking for soul guidance, know there is wisdom lurking beneath the surface ready for you to integrate.

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